These folks have been with us for the long haul!

Office Staff

30+ Years

Steve Cullins

Kirk Wagner

20+ Years

Anne Cullins

15+ Years

Monty Yates

Jon King

Scott Cullins

10+ Years

Sean Cullins

5+ Years

Toni Cullins

Tyler Everett

Sandy Gaylord


25+ Years

Kim Houdashelt

20+ Years

Dick Wetta

15+ Years

John Carnall

Dana Jones

Marcus Scott

Ray Spivey

Joel Wiese

10+ Years

Jeff Comstock

Donald Moser

5+ Years

Adaryal Brooks

Keith Franks

William Good

Scott Lee

Neal Morgan

Larry Nunn

Layne Philbern

Kim Potter

Dan Rea

James Webber

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Regional Driver of the Year

2023 – Neal Morgan

Previous Winners

2022 – Kim Houdashelt

2021 – Keith Franks

2020 – Dick Wetta

2019 – Jeff Comstock

2018 – Layne Philbern

2017 – Joel Wiese

2016 – Kim Houdashelt

Long Haul Driver of the Year

2023 – Keith Wyatt

Previous Winners

2022 – Joel Wiese

2021 – Ronnie Hernandez

2020 – Shon Mollohan

2019 – Mike Graffon

2018 – Mike Riley

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